Randy Black

COUNTRY Germany      
GROUP Primal Fear      


Born Nov.17 in Moosejaw Saskatchewan, Canada, then moved with family to Zweibrücken, Germany, and lived there for 5 years before settling back in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Started playing drums and taking lessons at the age of 11. Played in first professional band "The Edge" at 17. Did first tour (7 months) across Canada with "Kaotics" at 19. - 1984 - Joined Rush cover band "Click". Click played together (no member changes) for 9 years.- 1993 - Moved to Vancouver, B.C. Joined "Annihilator" in the middle of the touring cycle for the "Set The World On Fire" tour. Toured all over the planet and recorded 2 CDs "King Of The Kill" and "Refresh The Demon" with Annihilator until 1996 before joining Canadian Bif Naked later that year. Also worked and recorded with Annette Ducharme (CD "Bloom" and cross Canada tour), toured and recorded "I Bificus" with Bif Naked until late 1997 before getting an offer to teach drums in Berlin, Germany, at "The Drum Factory" which gave me the opportunity to be with my fiancé Ulrike whom I met in 1995 during the Annihilator K.O.T.K. tour. 1998 - Moved to Berlin Germany. Played with several local bands which included Gom Jabbar, Pool Star and Schwarz. 1999- 2000 Recorded "Das Schloss" and toured Europe with Schwarz. 2001 - Rejoined Annihilator and toured Europe and Japan. In the same year joined and recorded Rebellion's first album "Macbeth - A Tragedy In Steel". 2002- Recorded "Waking The Fury", toured Europe with Annihilator and Rebellion. 2003 - Recorded Annihilator's "Double Live Annihliation" and Rebellion's "Born A Rebel". Performed first workshop for MAPEX-Drums at the "Frankfurt Musikmesse". Later that year joined Primal Fear as a steady member after doing the U.S. God's Of Metal Tour. 2004 - Recorded Devil's Ground with Primal Fear. Toured extensively in support of the CD which included North and South America and Europe. 2005 - Recorded "Seven Seals" with Primal Fear. Toured throughout Europe in support of the CD. Recorded DuskMachine's debut CD The Final Fall. Joined Berlin based rockers Skew Siskin and toured Europe. 2006 - Toured with Primal Fear in support of Seven Seals through out Europe, South America, and Japan. Toured with Skew Siskin in Europe. Did first show with Berlin based drum group "Drum Connection". 2007 - Recorded Skew Siskin's 6th CD "Peace Breaker" followed by a tour supporting Motörhead. - Recorded Primal Fear's 7th CD "New Religion". Toured in support of the new CD starting Oct.6th in Atlanta USA (ProPower Festival) followed by a tour of Europe and Japan. -Played shows with Drum Connection. 2008 - Primal Fear released best of CD followed by a tour throughout Europe and various festivals over the summer. Played various shows with the Drum Connection including a video shoot for Peter Fox's video "Alles Neu" and a TV appearance on TV Total. Recorded drums for Primal Fear's 16.6 "Before The Devil Knows You're Dead" CD 2009 - Performed at the "Performance Is Everything" party for Mapex drums at the Frankfurt Music Messe. Recorded DuskMachines 2nd CD. Toured North and South America and Europe with Primal Fear in support of 16.6 CD Performed workshop at The Teacher Days in Hammelburg Germany. 2010 - In progress...



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