Pflege-Kits und Reiniger

Sowohl für Pflege als auch für kleinere Reparaturen bietet SABIAN Hilfsmittel an, die Deine Becken in Topform halten.

Drum Key Trio Bundle
It seems you never have a drum key when you need one. With the SABIAN Drum Key Bundle you will in fact have three. In the bundle you get one standard key, a speed key for those fast head changes and the popular sphere ratchet key for the finest of fine-tuning.
Sphere Ratchet Drum Key
The Sphere Ratchet key is made to provide fast tuning and an unmatched smooth feel. It is small and easy to transport.
SABIAN Logo Renewal Kit
Renew the look of your SABIAN cymbals by refreshing or replacing worn logos using this exclusive stencil kit.
Our metal key fits all standard drum lugs (not suitable for slot-style).
Ratchet Drum Key Tool
Cool T-grip tool lets you speed-tune your drums with rapid ratchet motion while screwdriver option is handy for many uses.
Felt Pack
Don't settle for anything less than this professional quality set of 12 cymbal felts to outfit your cymbal stands and hi-hats.
Cymbal Cleaner
Environmentally friendly ph-balanced liquid designed for use with all SABIAN cymbals from B8 through Hand Hammered, and both Natural and Brilliant finishes.
Crisis Kit
Emergency kit contains cymbal felts, tension rods, bass drum impact pads, snare cords, a drum key and washers!
Drumhead Repair Kit
Ever break a drumhead? Ideal for the quick repair of dents, holes and tears in drumheads of any size.


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