Performance Accessories

SABIAN Performance Accessories is an innovative collection of percussion accessories. These are designed to solve real world problems and deliver a better playing experience to drummers.

Taschen und Cases

From economy and premium cymbal and stick bags to more specialized products like Triangle/Striker Attach Cases, look here for all your carrying and protection requirements. Von Standard- und Premium-Beckentaschen/Sticktaschen bis hin zu spezialisierten Produkten wie Triangel Cases, hier findest Du alles für optimalen Transport und Schutz Deiner Instrumente.

Get more cymbals in a smaller space and with less hardware to carry with our selection of SABIAN Cymbal Stackers.
Cymbal Bags & Cases
A specially developed collection of cymbal bags and cases designed especially to protect your most precious metal.
Snare Wires
The right blend of metals can be the secret to great sound. SABIAN was built on that and now we offer some special metal blends tweaked for great snare drum sound. The Phosphor Bronze snares have been created with a tight wind to deliver a crisp and tight tone. The Hybrid is blended to provide a natural EQ effect bringing out your drum’s low end while retaining a crisp attack.
Stick Bags
Starting with the innovative Stick Flip stick bag and The 360 and including a wide assortment of options, SABIAN has your next stick bag.
Pflege-Kits und Reiniger
Sowohl für Pflege als auch für kleinere Reparaturen bietet SABIAN Hilfsmittel an, die Deine Becken in Topform halten.
Große Auswahl an Spezial-Schlägeln für jedes musikalische Einsatzgebiet.
Band & Orchestra Cases
Designed especially for the needs of percussionist around the world SABIAN proudly brings you a collection of instrument protection especially for band and orchestra applications.
Ständer und Beckenhalter
Gerade Beckenhalter, gewinkelte Beckenhalter, Chime mounts, Gongständer und mehr.
Gurte, Pads und Nieten
Leder und Nylongurte, und Nieten in 25er Paketen.
Hoop Crasher
Designed by Jojo Mayer, this dual-ring effects device offers incredible versatility and a massive palette of sound.


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